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Sylvan of Secret Sin~ Amsdia

Certified geek. Loves learning. Would like to spend the rest of her life in a library/university.

Second-year university student of English Literature, under [in her biased opinion] some of the best professors there are. Currently obsessed with John Banville, Jeanette Winterson and Italo Calvino. Fully intends on devouring all their books. Currently leaning towards studies in Postmodern and Contemporary Literature. Interested in variations on Postmodernism in European and American literature.

Watches anime only sporadically now. Has, however, been reading more manga... and western comics. And watching cartoons. Bruce/DickBatman-verse FTW. Also, Blue Beetle Jaime rocks so. Hard.

Has more doodles in notes than ever before. Sometimes even full pictures. This may or may not be good.

Journal layout credited to anitia.
Pictures for background and cursor taken from karupin.net. Thanks! =D